korra isnt cancelled? was it being cancelled? I only watched the first season and it had some major issues for me, specially the whole its ok to steal someones boyfriend thing wtf. it was just a meh show riding on the fan base on tlab

I agree that it hasn’t totally lived up to it’s potential or the greatness of ATLA (most of my issues stem from the pointless & irritating love triangle), but actually I was enjoying the third season so far. However, Nickelodeon is treating it like garbage, what with the huge 4-ep leak, the shitty advertising, & the god-awful time slot. One of my friends who loves it as much as I do didn’t even realize it has premiered ~3 weeks into the season! Now I guess they’re not showing it on Nick at all, they’re gonna make it all online, probably because the ratings have been the lowest they’ve ever been for the show. Bryan said they’ll say more at Comic Con but it seems to me like Nick is throwing this show around like it’s one of their little kids’ shows that can be messed with without so much as a second thought, when the audience for LOK is in fact a very dedicated, interested older audience. Nick needs to treat it with more respect, the same respect the fandom gives Bryke & all their hard work. (Also you should totally watch season 2 & what has premiered of 3 so far. I didn’t care for the finale of 2 but there are some great episodes, like Beginnings)